Did Your Shoe Size Change During Pregnancy??

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Did Your Shoe Size Change During Pregnancy??
Wed, 03-06-2013 - 8:38am

Mar. 1, 2013 — A new University of Iowa study confirms what many women have long suspected -- that pregnancy permanently changes the size and shape of a woman's feet.

Flat feet are a common problem for pregnant women. The arch of the foot flattens out, possibly due to the extra weight and increased looseness (laxity) of the joints associated with pregnancy. The new study, published in the March issue of the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, suggests that this loss of arch height is permanent.
Did your shoe size/foot size change at all during your pregnancy?

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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 10:13am

My shoe size didn't change during or after pregnancy.

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Thu, 03-07-2013 - 3:17am

I've heard lots of people say there feet went up a size from pregnancy but after DS mine went down a size! I haven't noticed a change yet this time other than the swelling being gone but we've had snow pretty much the whole last 6 weeks so I've only worn trainers or boots, will tell better when the weather improves and I'm wearin other styles. 

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Wed, 03-06-2013 - 2:04pm

I have wide and flat feet anyway, so they haven't changed or at least not permantely.

I wore clog type shoes throughout my pregnancy because of the swelling and after I had the baby the swelling went away, so back in my normal shoes.

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Wed, 03-06-2013 - 11:41am

YES!  My shoe size went up an entire size while I was pregnant.  I assumed it was due to swelling, but here I am two months later, wearing a bigger size.  I went from an 8 to a 9 and I see no going back (and that's a bummer... all my cute shoes are now too small!!).