Holiday Travel Anyone?

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Holiday Travel Anyone?
Thu, 11-15-2012 - 10:15am

Got a babymoon in the Bahamas on the brain? Or planning a trip across the country to visit family before baby arrives? Go for it! The fact is, it's usually pretty safe for women with low-risk pregnancies to travel. (Of course, consult your doctor first -- especially if you're high-risk). So book your flight, pack your bags and check out these must-read tips for traveling while pregnant.

Tips for Traveling While You're Pregnant-

Anyone planning to travel a bit in the next month or so for the holidays? 

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 12:45pm

My boyfriend and I are going to Norwich to see my sister on the 26th of December and are staying the night to the 27th. I'm due in early January so we're keeping an eye out for any labor signs before we go and while we're there. We're driving because it's only an hour away.

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Thu, 11-22-2012 - 12:22pm

A lot of our family lives close by, but our out of town relatives live 3 1/2 hours away. Since I'm due January 3 my doctor advised me not to even travel for Thanksgiving, so I will be home. We go to the movies on Christmas day anyway and they way I figured it, that will be our last big thing until the baby comes.

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Thu, 10-31-2013 - 9:42am

Keep it together. Don't waste time searching all over your house for your travel pillow, plug adapters, and travel toiletries. Purchase a plastic bin and keep everything you need for travel in one spot. An under-bed container works well to keep things hidden, but ready for you to quickly jet off on your next adventure.