How Hot Is Too Hot For Baby?

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How Hot Is Too Hot For Baby?
Mon, 07-01-2013 - 9:06am

Heat is the number one cause of weather-related deaths in the U.S., but there are no hard-and-fast rules about when to keep your baby indoors. The age of your baby, the humidity, your baby's health and the planned activity all should be consideredbefore making an in-or-out decision.

Here's what parents need to know about heat-related illness and injury in babies. Consider:

It's been so hot in my area lately!  How's the weather where you are?

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Thu, 07-11-2013 - 9:23am

it's been hot and humid here in minneapolis, MN.  we moved into an old house (built in 1920) without central air while i was pregnant.  we have an adorable nursery set up for baby, but he, at 6 months now, has yet to spend a night in his room.  while we have window AC units in the living room and in our master bedroom, his nursery is hot.  not just warm, but hot since it's on the second story.  baby is a little heater and sweats bullets in this weather, so he's still in our room so he can be cool at night.  he's getting big for his rock n play sleeper, though! but i'll keep him in with us as long as needed so he can sleep at comfortable temperatures.


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