Men in labor!!

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Men in labor!!
Wed, 05-15-2013 - 2:24pm

Sooo funny!

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Fri, 05-17-2013 - 8:45am

Bah, I've had the most aweful time logging in and replying lately....

Anyway, that is too funny. They only had to do it an hour- that's a joke. Let my husband try to do a 19 hour labor (14 1/2 without the epidural), delivery, post partum recovery, leaking nipples, hemorrhoids, changing body, stretch marks, etc... all while taking care of a newborn (visitors, the house, and errands), which means sleep deprivation. Although, I do have to admit, I wouldn't wish all of that on him and he was so helpful with our son while I was recovering and even now he gets him during the 2-3am feeding, so I can have enough sleep to take care of him the rest of the day. I couldn't ask for a better husband/father of my child! Plus, he is literally a mini version of my husband (but with more feminine features since I'm in there, too, lol). Is the  sexiest thing seeing a man take care of his child.

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