When Was the Last Time...

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When Was the Last Time...
Tue, 11-05-2013 - 8:21am

... you went out on a 'date' with your partner?

Many married couples have already discovered the benefits of scheduling a “date night” – carving out a few hours in the schedule without the kids -- and now the concept is getting at least one government’s official endorsement.

Norway’s new minister for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion recently urged that country’s parents to make time for romance as a way to head off divorce.

"It is important to find small pockets of time where parents can be lovers," Solveig Horne said last week, according toThe Guardian.

"In a busy life of work and family, the week can feel too short to attend to your relationship with your partner, so each couple needs to decide what sort of a date night they should have, whether it's a night at the movies or a walk together without the kids for a couple of hours.”


Do you feel like you get enough alone time with your partner?  Do you schedule regular date nights?

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