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whining-cedar point
Fri, 08-10-2012 - 2:12pm

hello!! so im whining right now-im very happy to be pregnant and weve been having financial issues so we wouldnt be able to go right now but...I WANT TO GO TO CEDAR POINT!! anyone who is not familiar with cedar point-its an amusement park in ohio that has about 15 roller coasters and just some bad-a$$ rides. I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! my bro-in-law went in june and my girls love to look at their website and look at the rides-i want to go so bad. in high school-i was going pretty much every summer-but since i had my dd in 2000-ive only gone here and there. we went in 2000, then in 2007 and then again in 2009. finally my youngest dd is tall enough to ride most of the rides-i cant wait to get her on her first big roller coasters-and my oldest is tall enough to ride the really crazy rides with me and weve been planning our first ride since 2009-when she was inch too short to get on them. i know that a baby is worth 100 trips to cedar point and i wouldnt trade him for anything but i still want to go...not just for the rides either...but for the food and the walking around and the people and everything...oh well-in about a month, all the commercial advertising it will be off and i can stop thinking about it-and start thinking about next summer when we're planning to get a season pass and go all the time:smileyhappy:

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 8:34am

Cedar Point is awesome...so I understand :smileyhappy:.  Next year will be fun for you!




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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 11:32am

I completely understand. I don't ride roller coasters, though because I am scared of heights. But we go to Kings Island every year with the girls and guys. The guys usually take off for the rides and the girls stay in the water park. I can do water slides, but obviously this year I can't. We usually go camping, too, but it's been to hot for me to go. We may go Labor Day weekend, though.

Then, we always do haunted houses in the fall and I get scared easily, but I love it. I'm the type that when I get scared I fall down, but bust out laughing. Although, sometimes I take off running, too. Anyway, because of my reaction of falling/running I can't go. DH was just talking about that yesterday about having someone have a girl day with me, so he could go. I told him I don't need a babysitter, lol and he's aloud to go because I'll still be 2-months away from my due date not 2-weeks. For the past three years we've done a haunted house at his cousins house for Halloween where the guys dress as scary things like: Jason, Michael Meyers, Freddy, etc. and the girls theme- last year it was Wizard of Oz. The girls pass out candy. We also host a murder mystery party with a different theme every year... we'll still be able to do all of that, but I'll be huge by then.

All of the sacrifices are worth it and there's always next year! 

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