In limboland....

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In limboland....
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 11:48pm

Well, hubby & I went into our 8 week doctors appointment u/s all excited.....feeling very pregnant & nauseous & all. 

What do you know?! There was no fluttering of a heart....BUT baby was measuring on target.  So? 1 of 2 things, baby had JUST died or it was a fluke we didn't see heartbeat.

So, I am now in 'limboland'.....we decided to wait a week and do another u/s on Friday, with a 2nd doctor.  I've already had an emotional breakdown, because this is my 2nd m/c in 6 months....happening EXACTLY the same way!! So, I am hoping for the best, but already prepared for the worst.

Until my u/s, in 5 days, I am trying to focus on pregnancy symptoms, which I 'feel' are dimishing, but then I feel 'something' and makes me uncertain?

Anyways, only time will tell, but to be 8 weeks along and not see a fluttering of the heart on u/s, is not I am trying to be realisic....keep me in prayer, that I keep calm & strength this week to get thru this!  Thanks!  :heart:

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