bleeding after being checked?

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bleeding after being checked?
Fri, 12-28-2012 - 11:18am

i'm 37 weeks and was in this morning for my weekly appointment. i had him check me (hoping for progress since last week).  doc saw a tiny spot on his glove after checking me and said i might see some light spotting.  used the restroom a bit ago and was surprised to see bright red blood on my panty liner, on the toilet paper and in the bowl.  not massive amounts of blood, but definitely more than what i'd consider to be "light" spotting.  called my doc and got a call back from a nurse.  she said it's not unusual since i'm dilated to a 2 and the blood levels are higher.  baby is still active, and everything was fine at my appointment 2 hours ago.  still, it's a little scary to see bright red blood!  i feel somewhat reassured to know that it's normal, and she asked me to update her in about half an hour.

has anyone else experienced bleeding after being checked in the final weeks?


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