Boy parts or something else????

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Boy parts or something else????
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 4:14pm
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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 12:37am
Drat I can't see it from my phone.


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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 1:41pm

hello!! i see it-with our picture-we had a nice view in between his lil legs. there was no question. and the cord was in the backround so i knew that wasnt just a cord shot instead. with our dd-they did the 3d ultrasound and she had her legs wide open. it was like she was in the room with us-there was no question. but i see it-youre on the blue team-i think this board is turning out to be mainly members of the blue team:smileyhappy:

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 6:49am
The fact that it look like two bubbles, one on top of the other it looks like what I was viewing was the cord. It looked like it started from top to bottom and not in one spot. But I'm not in the medical field so I couldn't say forr sure!! I was in my 17th week when I found out Skylar was a girl, it was nothing hanging lol not even the cord. With my son last year he had his boy parts all in the screen showing off his junk lol
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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 2:24am

That's a difficult one! It could be either. Will you get another u/s to confirm either way?


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Thu, 08-16-2012 - 4:29pm

I am not an ultrasound tech or anything else related to the medical field, but that looks like the boy part to me because that's one our sonogram looked like. If it was a girl, it would look like a hamburger bun and a boy looks like a turtle coming out of it's shell. How many weeks are you?

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