a day and a half

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a day and a half
Tue, 12-25-2012 - 3:26pm

Surprised hello ladies!! so it doesnt seem possible. but in a day and a half, i will be holding my newborn baby son. my c section is scheduled for thursday at 8 am. a lot of people has asked why im having a c section cuz, unlike my 2nd child, he isnt breech and i dont think hes going to be too big to come out on his own. the reason-its just easier. the doctor has already told me they cant give me pitocin cuz i had a previous c section. if labor isnt progressing or if my son doesnt want to come out around his due date, ill have to get another c section anyway. with a scheduled one, i was able to tie up work and give them an official last day...im able to have the house in order when i go into the hospital...i know that i wont be sent home with false or slow labor...im a lil nervous cuz i know there was pain afterward but i dont remember how much pain...i hate to be laid up and not be able to do anything...and im disappointed cuz i actually wanted to be able to have a mirror and watch this child come into the world. but i can do those side effects cuz ill have the greatest reward...i cant wait to see him, to meet him. i cant believe the 9 months are almost up. i cant believe that in 2 short days, my son will be 6 hours old already...good luck to everyone!!