20 week appt

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20 week appt
Wed, 08-15-2012 - 8:45pm
Very short and sweet just how I like it lol no need for a long drawn out convo because everything is going smooth so far. My belly and baby is measuring right in the middle of 20 and 21 weeks. Baby heart rate was in the 160s . Doc said she won't do the GD test til 8 more weeks. Before I had a chance to ask, she stated that cramps and pain on the side and back is normal at this point. I've gained 5 pounds since my last appt so I'm at 144. 15 pounds since I've become prego. Doc said that my last sono was good. I told her that she jinxed me by saying my baby heart rate was for a girl lol

Best part of the appt was when my doctor bust out laughing when she walked in because I was reading a book on choosing birthcontrol.
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Thu, 08-16-2012 - 8:16am

lol great appt! I can totally picture that scene!


the baby countdown

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 7:24am

Glad everything went well at your appointment! Sounds like you're right on target for everything, that's always a relief. I can imagaine walking in on a pregnant woman reading a book on BC, LOL. At least you'll be prepared. :smileywink:

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 7:45am
I was reading a book called a guide for those considering birth control wih Mirena lol. Mirena is my bff now and I can't wait to get to know her lol no more back to back babies in two years for me lol. I would love to get my tubes tied but I'm 25 and dh is 24 and my doctor was saying that you never know what the future holds sooo I guess imma give birth control a try.