Overly Opinionated Family

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Overly Opinionated Family
Thu, 06-27-2013 - 9:26pm

I've told my family a few of the names that we were debating on and almost every single family member had the most ignorant and rude things to say about them. I really do not care about their opinions. It is our baby, not theirs and this is a right that we are entitled to. We decided on Colton Ian for a boy and Jaxen Aleta for a girl. All the names have special meaning to us both and we love them. My family basically demands to know what names we are choosing and I don't mind telling them, but how do I also tell them that I don't want to hear any of their opinions on the names? We considered the name Tobey and my grandmother actually told me that it was a "slave name". My family is crazy. Do you think we should just not tell anyone or tell them to shove their opinions you know where?

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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 10:35pm

I think you should just tell them you are "still thinking about names" and haven't decided anything yet.  Then after the baby is actually named, it will be too late.  If you choose any name that's kind of unusual, not everyone will like it, but it's not their business.

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Fri, 07-26-2013 - 2:39pm

I'm sorry you have to deal with that. That is the very reason we do not tell our family or baby names

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