Why You Need a Pertussis Vaccine

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Why You Need a Pertussis Vaccine
Thu, 06-27-2013 - 10:53am

Whooping cough cases are escalating in the United States, and many American adults are unknowingly exposing vulnerable babies to the potentially deadly disease because their vaccinations are not up to date, a new survey finds.

"[Whooping cough] is a very preventable disease, but many adults may think their childhood vaccinations still are protecting them against it," said Dr. Matthew Davis, director of the new University of Michigan National Poll on Children's Health. "Findings from this poll show that few adults have received a booster shot within the recommended 10-year time frame and, in fact, two-thirds told us they were not aware of their vaccination status."


Have you talked to your doctor about getting a pertussis vaccine during pregnancy? Do you think you will ask baby visitors to get up to date with their vaccines before visiting you all?

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