Big baby Clara finally arrived!

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Big baby Clara finally arrived!
Wed, 08-01-2012 - 3:46pm

Hi all,

I decided to go in yesterday (7/31) and have my midwife do supervised nipple stim (with a breast pump--well, I did it, but I was on an external fetal monitor the whole time) to see if we couldn't get things going.  It didn't do a whole lot, but since I was already 5 cm not during a contraction and 80% effaced, the plan was to break my water during a contraction.  So finally at 1:30, I felt a decent ctx, and my midwife broke my water.  Within 30 minutes, I was in active labor.  We moved to the birth room (like a birth center room, but in the hospital), and I got right in the tub.  Within an hour, I was at the peak of labor, with killer ctx. 

Because DD#1 was so big, my midwife wanted me to get out of the tub and onto the bed to push, so she kept asking me if I felt pressure down there. Well, I felt some rectal pressure, but it wasn't overwhelming, so I thought I had time.  In my head, I kept thinking, "Labor has got to last longer than this, so I'm sure I'm not fully dilated."  All of a sudden, I let out a gutteral scream/moan and PUSHED. I had no choice.  I HAD TO PUSH.  In one push with one contraction, out popped her head (I'm still in the tub).  The nurse wasn't even in the room!  I had to scream to DH and the midwife where the call button was (it was stuck in a drawer) so they could call a nurse.  Everything happened SO fast.  My midwife told me to wait until the next ctx and that baby would be out by then.  It was an odd feeling, having the head there, 2/3 out, really stretching. I wanted to push, but I had to wait another 2-3 min for another ctx.  But when I got it, all it took was one BIGGGGGGG push, and out she came!

It was the most awesome experience of my life.  Very empowering, intense, and wonderful!  My big (barely) July baby, Clara Mae, was born at 3:17pm weighing 10lb 4oz, and 21.5 inches long. She was just 3 oz and .5 inches smaller than her big sister!!

I'll try to post a pic when we're home and I can transfer pics from my camera to the computer.  She is SO cute. Her head is perfectly round like a c-section baby (because of the fast delivery), and she is already a champion nurser.  And what a difference--I feel great!  Last labor (although natural) was 17 hours. This one was 2 hours, and it was during the day.  So nice!


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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 9:38pm

That's one big baby you have!  Congrats.  Hope all is going well.

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Sat, 08-04-2012 - 10:03am
I felt the same difference with 2 of my births. My second child took 22 hours and I missed 2 nights of sleep. This time, labor was 4 hours and I didn't even miss a meal. Going into the "newborn" phase w/o having already missed a night of sleep was wonderful.

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Fri, 08-03-2012 - 11:33am
Such a great birth story! I love her name! You make some big healthy babies lady!! Congrats!!
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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 5:20pm
That is an awesome birth story! Congrats mama, enjoy your beautiful little girl!
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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 4:24pm
How exciting!! Clara is a beautiful name. I'm glad your labor was fast and complication free!