The BPA Battle...

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The BPA Battle...
Tue, 04-10-2012 - 7:24pm

Thought this was interesting. No one wants to use BPA in their plastics anymore... us moms sure don't want it in our kids' bottles and cups. Yet the FDA won't ban it... stating there isn't enough evidence to approve this bill.

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Wed, 04-11-2012 - 8:05am

Most companies that make bottles, etc, have already taken BPA out of them.

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Wed, 04-11-2012 - 10:20am
If I see BPA free bottles and such, of course I buy that over the other. But honestly I do not pay too much attention to this. I try to keep up with what is going on and stay educated on such matters, but I am also not going to be one of those people that live their whole life in fear of every little thing, thinking it is going to cause cancer. If I believed every study I ever read in college I would be a basket case.

I am a big supporter of common sense and living life! ;)
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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 5:12pm
I'm pretty much with Katie :-)
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Fri, 04-13-2012 - 5:40pm

I'm pretty much with everyone here. While I do limit the amount of canned foods I'm eating while pregnant, I'm doing it more because I want to stick with fresher foods. Certainly if I have the choice to purchase BPA-free over BPA, I will choose BPA free, because really, why not?

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Sat, 04-14-2012 - 12:21pm

I actually try to avoid ALL plastic whenever possible!

I try to avoid the chemicals, artificial sweeteners, pestacides, hormoes, additives, etc, that plague our American diet!


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Sat, 04-14-2012 - 12:23pm
Oh, yeah, and it isn't so much that we are anti-fertilizer, we are anti-unatural fertilizer - we utilize the natural fertilizer that our cows and chickens give us for sure!

And we have an orchard started with apples, plumbs, cherries, and pears...but again, it will be a few years before we are getting enough to can our fruit from it!

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Sat, 04-14-2012 - 3:05pm
Wow Michelle that is so awesome you will be so largely self-sufficient in your food! I love the thought of getting some land and just making a lifestyle change. We rent right now so we are limited to some container gardening... Someday! And nothing at the store tastes like homegrown- Fresh milk and eggs sound great:)
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Sat, 04-14-2012 - 3:38pm

Milk is actually one thing I have decided not to do...having to be on such a strict schedule to milk cows, and having to FEED a mama cow is really expensive!