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Mon, 04-16-2012 - 12:34am
1.) no one told me you have to deliver the placenta. I figured it was just a sloshy sack of tissue that would slide out. Oh no- once you push out the baby you still gotta push out a large bulbous (baby head-sized) lump of nasty stuff.

2.) what your deflated belly looks like after delivery. You know when you blow up a balloon and then after a few hours you deflate it and it's all stretched and wrinkly!? Yep that's about what it looks like. And after 9 mos of feeling a baby move around, you almost feel like you have been stripped of something. It was emotional and scary- but it will go back to normal

3.) peeing- if they used a catheter, ohhhh boy peeing can be extremely painful afterwards. Also you may have torn some parts and let me tell you it doesn't heal fast!

4.) blocked milk ducts and mastitis- be warned- this hurts like hell. Warm showers and massage (when u can stand it) will work for a blocked duct but you usually need antibiotics for the mastitis.

5.) returning to sex is scary- even if it's been the full 6 weeks or longer- it will be as scary (if not worse) as it was your very first time. Be patient and go slow and you will feel yourself get back to your old self in time
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1. Breastfeeding doesn't guarantee a stay of af!


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Those are great ones ladies!!
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1) you may poop while having a baby (luckily someone told me , so i told DH if this happened, to NEVER tell me the truth even if I asked)
2) that labor is sooo long
3) that you may not fall instantly in love with your newborn and this is OK

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