July 22-28

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July 22-28
Wed, 02-15-2012 - 3:38pm
How is everyone?
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In reply to: cheyfri
Wed, 02-15-2012 - 7:05pm

I'm good. Very excited to find out the gender in 3 weeks. Also excited to start to show a little bit, and to still feel good. My only problem remains to be constipation.

December Gumdrop 

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Thu, 02-16-2012 - 11:24am
I am having a boy. :-) And although my symptoms have mellowed out some, I have a rocky road ahead... if there is anything wrong with baby's heart I will be hospitalized indefinitely. If there is any more major bleeding I will be hospitalized indefinitely. So I am really praying that does NOT happen!!!! Bed rest is bad enough. Know what I mean? I am getting rather cranky too but I have a lot on my mind. I figure I am allowed a little bit of cranky. ;-)

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