Post-Baby Body Wars

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Post-Baby Body Wars
Thu, 08-23-2012 - 10:00am

At some point in the last several years, we officially became a nation obsessed with celebrity moms, their babies and their back-to-perfect-in-a-jiffy bodies. Walk past all those celebrity magazines in the grocery store aisle, and you can’t help but wonder: How do Tinsel Town mamas look so good?

In a curious role reversal, Janice Min, the former editor-in-chief of Us Weekly and current editorial director of the Hollywood Reporter, recently shared her embarrassment about her own post-baby body. In a New York Times story, “Can a Mom Get a Break?,” Min describes how her local manicurist asked when her baby was due—four months after her daughter had been born. Min reasons that she delivered a 6-pound, 10-ounce baby at age 42 and asks: “Can’t I get a free pass?”


Interesting how the roles were reversed on her!  Have you been feeling the pressure to get your pre-baby body back since giving birth? Do you feel as if magazines and celebrity gossip sites add to that pressure?

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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 1:13pm
The only pressure I am really feeling to get my body back is from myself. My husband tells me every day how great I look and how proud he is of me for not gaining a ton of excess weight and losing what I have lost so far so quickly. I will be 6 weeks PP next week and I am looking forward to getting the all clear from my doctor to get back in the gym so I can lose these last few pounds of pregnancy weight, and then I want to start working on losing an additional 10 lbs that I was trying to lose before I got pregnant.

And honestly it is not these last few pounds to lose or the little bit of belly flab I have from pregnancy that is bothering me, it's these dark stretch marks that cover my stomach and thighs! They are not fading as fast as I thought they would and they make me so self-conscious. I was just telling my husband yesterday that if they did not fade to at least silvery white I don't think I would ever feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit again! :smileysurprised:(