Baby #3 on the way!

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Baby #3 on the way!
Sun, 11-13-2011 - 8:56pm

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been on these message boards for a few years but stumbled on them when searching for some information.

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Sun, 11-13-2011 - 11:49pm

Hi, I am also expecting my 3rd, DD1 is almost 5 DD2 is 10 months, hoping for a boy. I have horrible sickness with DD1 untill about 20 weeks, then smooth sailing after that, she was born 7 days before due date, DD2 had no sickness, thought was a boy, nope it was a girl, good pregnancy, she also came 7 days before due date!! Hope to get you know you better on the board. it looks like we are due about the same day. mine is 07-17.

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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 6:49am
Welcome to the board and Congratulations!! Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!!

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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 8:23am
Hi Michele,

Congratulations on expecting baby #3 and welcome to the July 2012 Expecting Club! I hope that you find friendship and support here during your pregnancy journey. Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months!

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