Thoughts and Prayers for my family..

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Thoughts and Prayers for my family..
Sun, 03-04-2012 - 12:14pm

My Ydd Dixie who is 14 months old, we had her blood test come back for low iron this past fall/winter so we supplemented with iron drops until levels got to normal, well after months of iron then never got back up so we were referred to a specialist at childrens hospital. We got more blood work done and seen a Hemotologist. Her iron is fine now but she is still making fetal hemoglobins, babys stop making them between 9-12 months. so the drs at childrens cant figure out why she is making them still. They told us she is special and it is puzzling but not worrysome. So we were ok with that news and then finding we have to come back for blood draw and then wait 2 weeks to find out why she is making them.

Then while the Dr was looking her over they noticed all her "birthmarks" or cafe'

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Sun, 03-04-2012 - 3:19pm
Thinking of you all.
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Sun, 03-04-2012 - 4:03pm

Sorry to hear your family is going through this.

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Sun, 03-04-2012 - 5:08pm
Sending prayers your way! <3
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Sun, 03-04-2012 - 9:40pm

So sorry to hear about this

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Mon, 03-05-2012 - 11:03pm
Oh honey I am so sorry you are going through this. It is NEVER peaceful for a parent to deal with anything puzzling about their children's health. Bella actually has a similar thing going on with her blood, and still does at 27 months old. We were always so concerned about it because her father and paternal grandmother both developed a rare form of adult leukemia in their early thirties. Her grandmother passed away and her father is currently expected to. So I freak out over the littlest things with her. So far they have not linked her iron issues with leukemia but I am always on pins and needles with this child. Her health has been a worry from the time I was nine weeks pregnant. I get it, I really do. It is nerve wracking and no matter how many times people tell you it is going to be ok, you still wonder until you hear the golden words from the doctors themselves. I have been there, I know exactly what it is like. Just know I will be praying for your family and your little girl, and anytime you just need to talk you let me know. You can always send me a private message on here. I really do believe everything is going to be fine with Dixie. In the meantime, lots of HUGS!!!!

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Tue, 03-06-2012 - 5:28am
You and your family will be in my thoughts!
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