I'm really tall, baby is really low and I'm not showing yet. Thoughts?

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I'm really tall, baby is really low and I'm not showing yet. Thoughts?
Tue, 02-28-2012 - 10:18pm

Hi! I'm 5'10" and baby boy is SUPER low! My doc told me that I have a long torso, I'm really tall, and everything is perfectly normal.

I'm due July 1st. Baby isn't showing yet (I can tell, but no one else can in my normal clothes)!! It's the strangest thing.

Also, is anyone else carrying really, REALLY low?? Baby is right

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I carried one of my daughters super low. I am 5 inches shorter than you but she was my first baby and I did not show til 7 months!!!! I even wore my regular pants and shirts for the longest time. With my last two and this one I have carried rather high and although it is nice when they move off the bladder, the heartburn sucks. Lol....

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That's how I am too, I'm tall and have a long torso and my baby boy is sitting low too. I'm 20 weeks and most days people can barely even tell I'm pregnant.
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My cousin is 5'11" and with her first pregnancy, she didn't show until 8 months.


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I am 5'2 so I show pretty early. I also have a very short torso. I'm almost the opposite. I hope you are able to get comfy but as long as the doc says you and your LO are healthy then that's great news
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I am only 5'1" so I show early but even with my first I didn't show until like 5 or 6 months. Your abdominal muscles are strong and holding everything in place so it takes some time to show the first time around- especially if you are tall!
I felt like I was carrying really low until last week when I finally feel like baby moved up a little. Now I feel like I've expanded rapidly! Even dh said to me last night- holy cow honey you got BIG all of a sudden haha. Thanks hun! ;) but don't worry as long as your doc says everything is healthy and baby WILL get big and will stick right out in front!