NT Scan and blood spot update today!

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NT Scan and blood spot update today!
Wed, 01-11-2012 - 11:21am

So, went for my NT scan...and it went great, the measurements were really low so I'm not really worried at all.

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Wed, 01-11-2012 - 11:31am

Well, yay and :(.


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Wed, 01-11-2012 - 12:07pm

Thanks...there was actually a little spot of something that has started growing inside the "blood spot" which i guess was really another sac, and the US tech said there was something on the side of the spot where it connected that she could tell it was a twin sac and not a blood spot.

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Wed, 01-11-2012 - 12:47pm
That's a stinky surprise and I'm sorry to hear that =[ however so glad to hear your little one is going nice and strong! Can't wait to hear the gender!
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Wed, 01-11-2012 - 5:25pm
That is a sad surprise but yay for measuring well little baby. It'll be lovely to see the baby again in 7 weeks.
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Wed, 01-11-2012 - 6:42pm

I'm glad Baby #1 is doing well. I'm sorry to hear about the sad surprise though. I think that's one of the toughest things about this kind of stuff - mixing the good with the not so good. Looking forward to hearing more good news for your next scan.

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Thu, 01-12-2012 - 9:31pm
I am so sorry for your loss! I really do understand as I went through a similar experience with one twin about a month ago. But glad this little one is doing well and know that we are here for your support!

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