Are you narrowin those baby names down? && can I get an honest opinion

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Are you narrowin those baby names down? && can I get an honest opinion
Mon, 03-11-2013 - 12:55am

Hi everyone,

Now that many of us know what we're having, have you narrowed those names down??? I know quite a few are waiting to see what fits, but I'm to anxious for that! LOL How are you and DH/SO doing with agreeing on names?

Also, I'd like an HONEST/UNBIASED opinion. My feelings won't get hurt, and the opinions many not even change my mind. But where else can I get a free unbiased opinion??

First off, I'll announce here, now that we had our gender reveal today, that we're having a GIRL! Our 2nd girl!

With DD#1 DH and I were set in or names, even though people looked at us oddly because it is different" bBut the name just "clicked" Her names is Aubrienne. (Aubrey N) if you are wondering about pronouncing it. My inlaws weren't happy. FIrstly they said Aubri was a boys name and that the name was weird etc. But it was right for us and we stuck with it. I never thought of Aubri as more of a boys name, thought I recognize that it used to be, just in my head it always firt girls better. This time DH and I have struggled to even agree on something! But, the name we both love and are pretty sold on is Jordyn. Now I KNOW many people think of this as a boy's name, but that it ccould be either. DD at first was like "mama thats a boys name!!!" (even though she knows noone named that, so I dont know how she got that opinion, but of course her suggestions are "Ariel" and "Rapunzel") My inlaws tread a bit more lightly with us these days and they said "well we know some boys named that..but it's cute." rather than acting like they did last time.


SO, to make a VERY BORING AND LONG story too long, what do you think? Do you know many Jordan/Jordyn females/males? Is it so off as a girl's name?


And of ccourse, I'd love to hear what names you ladies are comeing up with!!



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Congratulations on team pink!  It'll be so fun to have two little girls =)  

We TTC for 3 years so we had a long time to come up with names.  We had one girl name and one boy name picked out by the time we found out my DD was a girl so it was kind of easy this time around since we're using the boys name.  

Personally I think both Aubrienne and Jordyn are great girls names.  I didn't know Aubri was ever a boys name and any Jordyn's I know are girls so they both seem plenty feminine to me.  I say if both you and your DH love the name go with it =)  


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I don't think of it as a mostly masculine name. I have another mommy friend who just named her daughter Jordyn. I also like that name with DD#1's name!