Baby Names- Do You and Your DH/SO Agree?

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Baby Names- Do You and Your DH/SO Agree?
Tue, 12-04-2012 - 8:20am

ou’ve already made a million decisions about baby in completely blissfull agreement. But then you started talking names and he started having wacko opinions! You love unique, cool picks like Gunner, Phoenix or Rex; he won’t budge on more traditional names like Jacob, Sam or Joshua. So between you, you can't make a decision and the clock is ticking. We've got you covered! Here are 12 smart (albeit a bit sneaky) strategies for handling the baby-name negotiation that will (virtually) guarantee your pick will prevail!

Are you and your partner having a hard time agreeing on names? I remember it being quite difficult with my youngest son but my DH and I finally agreed.  I picked the first name, he picked the middle name.  It was a compromise that worked for us!  How's it going with your name search?

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 7:49pm

We have a girls name, we've had it since our first. When I choose our first babies name, he loved it, just wanted a third name, so we found that together. With our second, I gave him a list of names I liked, and he picked the first name, I picked the first second name, and we found a third on together. With our third, we couldn't agree at all. we were running out of boys names we liked. I picked the first name and the third middle name. I pretty much had to force him into picking a second middle name.
This time, if it's another boy (please God, let it be a girl so we can agree on a name) then I'm putting my foot down and going, this is the name I like. Until you find something I like or can live with, this is the name because I'm not putting it off till I'm in labor, preterm or otherwise. Yeah...I'm thinking I'm gonna blame hormones for this attitude. I'm usually a little more laid back about naming.

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