Guess Your Baby's Sex- 38 Fun Ways!

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Guess Your Baby's Sex- 38 Fun Ways!
Wed, 01-23-2013 - 8:14am

What could be more fun than trying to guess the sex of your baby-to-be? Everyone wants to get in the game. Don't be surprised if someone you've never met stops you at the grocery store, offering a prediction of your baby's  gender. For hundreds of years, expecting moms have relied on time-tested methods of guessing their baby's sex. Even though these old wives' tales are far from foolproof, they are certainly more fun than their more reliable successors, amniocentesis and ultrasound. Enjoy guessing your baby's sex!

Boy or Girl? 38 Fun Ways to Guess Your Baby's Sex-​0,,j012,00.html?ice=iv:mb:msg:kp

Based on this, what are you having? Is it a boy or a girl? ;)

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