How much weight have you gained?

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How much weight have you gained?
Sun, 03-10-2013 - 10:55pm

With most of us half way there, more than half way there, or very close to it, how much weight have you gained?

I'm almost 23 weeks, and I've gained about 10lbs now. This is a lot to me because with DS I only gained 16lbs my entire pregnancy... however I started 20lbs lighter with this DS than with my first DS.

So... how much have you gained?

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Sun, 03-10-2013 - 11:55pm

You like to ask the hard questions, huh Amy???

hehe :)

For me, it depends on how you look at it. Technically from the weight I was at my first appt. with the doctor, I've gained 1lb. But I was sick in the beginning of this pregnancy (heck what am I talking about, I still get sick sometimes) so I lost 3 or 4lbs. So I guess, overall, about 4lbs gained at 21w3d.



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Mon, 03-11-2013 - 12:00am

I have gained 11 lbs, which is 1 lb more than I had gained at this point with my DD.  So pretty much on the same path.  I started 1 lb heavier in this pregnany than my last.


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Tue, 03-12-2013 - 12:42pm

last time i went to the Dr i gained 5lbs that was a month ago. I do not have a scale in my house as I try not to dwell on it. My next apt is friday but, if i had to guess I would say I have gained around 10lbs total