How's Your Stress Level During Pregnancy?

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How's Your Stress Level During Pregnancy?
Mon, 04-15-2013 - 11:53am

When you're expecting, it's easy to stress about pretty much everything, from the little things ("Will I ever stop feeling like I'm about to barf?") to the big ("Will my baby be healthy?"). What's not so easy? Tuning out all those worst-case-what-if scenarios, relaxing and enjoying the nine months before your new addition arrives. While Dr. Allison Hill, an obgyn and co-author of The Mommy Docs' Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy and Birth says there's no strong evidence that your stress can negatively affect your baby-to-be (one less thing to stress out about!), it's certainly good for your health to keep your stress levels in check. So try one -- or all! -- of these ways to be a calm preggo.

Stressed While Pregnant? Here's How to Be a Calm Preggo-

How's your stress level during this pregnancy?  Do you find yourself constantly worrying about one thing or another? What are you doing to stay as calm as possible?

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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 4:47pm

I do feel like I have a lot on my mind but I wouldn't say I'm overly stressed during pregnancy.  Thankfully!


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Wed, 04-17-2013 - 1:01pm
I'm not feeling too stressed out just yet. Perhaps ignorance is a little bliss (haha! Just kidding). Really though, if people would just stop telling me their horror stories, it would be quite helpful. I don't understand why everyone wants to share everything that went wrong during their labor/deliveries...