Maternity Jeans

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Maternity Jeans
Wed, 02-27-2013 - 1:21pm

As any mama-to-be can tell you, owning a great pair of maternity jeans is a must. They'll keep you looking stylish (but comfy!) in those in-between weeks when nothing fits all the way to the final days before baby arrives. They'll even work beautifully in the fourth trimester -- and look much more polished than a pair of sweatpants. To help you find the best of the bunch, we asked a group of pregnant women to put some of the latest styles through the paces and report back on how they fared. Here are the results!

Kim Kardashian's Favorite Maternity Jeans and 18 Other Pairs We Love-

Do you have a favorite pair of maternity jeans? 

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