Nursery Themes??

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Nursery Themes??
Fri, 04-05-2013 - 10:11pm

So, I'm in full nursery mode now!!!

Our 3rd bedroom was being used as an office, since DH had spring break off (hes a teacher), him and his friend have cleaned the whole room out, painted it pink, and are going to pull up the carpet and replace  it this weekend! Which has put me in baby fever mode!!! haha Now that it is all painted, pretty pink and retrimmed in white, I'm getting so excited, which sent me in a flurry to find cute crib bedding. I have been able to find much I like, until I cam across this, and I love it. I really think I want this,.,. Tell me what you think.

My link is for overstock because the sets I found of it on and are REALLY expensive. The same set at Toysrus plus one fitted plain pink sheet is $170!!! I about fell out. So now I'm on a search to find this at the best price possible!I would fall in love with a set that is ridiculously epensive.

(I've never ordered from Overstock tho, has anyone on here? Good experience? Worth it?)


What are you ladies thinking???? Picked a theme? Set? color? SHOW ME!!!!



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Fri, 04-05-2013 - 11:35pm

Awe, that's such a cute set =)  I've ordered from Overstock before and didn't have any issues.  I say go for it!  I found a set I loved on Amazon when I was pregnat with my DD that was way too pricey but ended up getting it off eBay for $60.  I've loved it. When you're heart is set on something sometimes you just have to run with it.

Our theme for this little guy is "curley tail" monkies.  We left our walls a neutral color (tan) but put up wall clings.  I found with my daughter that I didn't use a lot of the bedding set pieces so we bought a few things (bumper, diaper hanger, mobile) and then got a few baby blue odds and ends (crib sheet, diaper changing cover & fabric book bins) to wrap it up.  

So fun to put these cute little rooms together =)