Pregnancy Announcements

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Pregnancy Announcements
Sat, 11-03-2012 - 1:58pm

For all those with BFP's, CONGRATS! (:

Now the question is, when and how will you announce your pregnancy?

I told DS (2) first thing when he woke up. He was initially confused but now he's getting excited. When DH came home I had bought a pack of newborn diapers, filled his drawers with them and wrote a note that said "make room daddy, I'm moving in!" and taped the test to it. He was pretty shocked, in a good way. We told our parents, and our brothers also but not many people as it's still really early and I'm paranoid. I do have our facebook announcement planned, and that ought to be a hit.

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Sun, 11-04-2012 - 10:16pm

I love your idea for the drawers!  I have yet to get a BFP, as I've mentioned before I'm mostly playing here, but it is a possibility that I'll have a july baby so I'm one of the crazy stalkers for now.
BUT if I am pregnant I have a crazy idea that I don't know if I'll use or not, it all depends on whether I can keep from telling people.  DH not included, I'll tell him.
Anyway I'm just going to wear really form fitting clothes and start posting weird accidental belly photos on facebook like "hey what do you think of this belt?" and "See how tall Caeden (ds) is, he comes up to my waste!"  and until someone asks me I'm going to just keep my mouth shut... who ever asks first will get a $5 gift certificate for some place. 
This will be my third and final child, (as far as we have planned anyway) so I kinda just want to have fun with it!  I usually tell people early so that if I lose the baby I can have their support already, not have to tell them 'hey I WAS pregnant'... that would be painful at least in my mind. 
I did lose a baby in an ectopic pregnancy back in Jan, so I'm just eager to have a little fun you know?  Not be all serious and sober about my last baby... oh and I'm going to stay on team green!  I have one boy (Caeden is turning 4 in December) and one girl, (Sapphira, or Fia turning 2 in December) so there is no real reason I HAVE to know.

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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 7:57pm

I didnt do anything fancy cause I think I was still in shock .. I wanted to but I couldnt think straight so I just went to him while he was sitting on the couch playing madden and said "Check this Out" and he look at me crazy and said" what this" and I laugh and then he said "what this mean" and I said "what you think" and then he said "who own is that" and I laughed real hard and I said "who u think"  and then he just sat in shock for a min or so and then got up and hugged me ... It was so funny!!

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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 8:14pm
that is too cute! congrats!
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Mon, 11-12-2012 - 10:08pm

Ha! I actually use the reply button now! Maybe that's why quick reply is hit and miss.

I announced my pregnancy to my husband, and in-laws with three shirt. My oldest had "I have a secret" my middle child had "Do you wanna know?" And my youngest had "I'm gonna be a big brother." Some close friends know because I told them, my roommate got to see the youngest's shirt. Elsewise, I'll tell my parents and brother with the shirts after the ultrasound on the 23rd (to make sure I haven't had a missed miscarriage, and it is just off dates) , and everyone else will find out at Christmas. Facebook will find out whenever I decide to actually announce it, otherwise, it may not be until after the baby is born. I haven't decided yet.

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