Pregnancy Books- What Are You Reading?

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Pregnancy Books- What Are You Reading?
Mon, 03-18-2013 - 7:56am

If they gave out letter grades for correctly following baby book advice, I would have been an “A” student. The cliché of a nervous, first-time mom, I eagerly read multiple advice books and did my best to follow them all.

Somewhere around my seventh month, my husband read that a woman’s water often breaks at night and therefore, women should sleep on a shower curtain to protect the mattress. In addition to the general sleeping discomfort most pregnant gals experience in their last months, mine was also the noisy sleep of one tossing and turning on loud, plastic sheets. We won’t talk about the fact that he also insisted we take our older car to the hospital for the same reasons (didn’t want to risk ruining the seats in the newer, nicer car), or the fact that I had to sit on a towel during the drive – just in case. Of course, in the end they had to break my water for me.

Hehe!  This article made me laugh.  Have you (or your partner) been reading any pregnancy books (during this pregnancy or previous pregnancies)?  What's the craziest piece of advice you've read in a pregnancy book? Any books out there that you really enjoy reading while expecting?

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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 12:37pm

I read a few the first time around but haven't read anything this pregnancy.