Pregnancy: Love It or...?

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Pregnancy: Love It or...?
Mon, 04-22-2013 - 1:24pm

How are you feeling about your pregnancy so far? Do you enjoy being pregnant or is it a bit of a struggle for you?  What parts of pregnancy do you love and which ones are you not so fond of?

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Tue, 04-23-2013 - 11:49am

My first pregnancy I loved SOOOO much.  This pregnancy has been fun but harder than the last one.  I think chasing around a toddler doesn't allow for as much rest time and that effects how much fun it is =)  The hardest part for me is the first 10-14 weeks when I'm feeling sick.  The best part is the middle (which I'm pretty much still in) when I have a bump, energy and am sleeping well.  With my DD it got hard around 35-36 weeks because I was big and wasn't sleeping well.


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Tue, 04-23-2013 - 12:50pm

I'm on the fence (is that an acceptable answer? lol).  There are days when I just adore being pregnant.  Feeling my little one move is amazing, my DH is so very attentive, and everyone is super nice to you.  I'm not so very fond of the sleepless nights, sciatic nerve pain, and having to pee all.the.time.  The good outweighs the bad, but there are surely days when I just feel crummy and miserable! 

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Thu, 04-25-2013 - 9:35pm
Good question... for the most part I hate it. Especially this one with my hyperemesis. I'm also not a fan of GD. I love feeling the baby and bonding with him while he is in my tummy. All the aches and pains are also a PITA but of course the end result is worth it all.