Preparing Siblings/Fur Babies for New Baby

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Preparing Siblings/Fur Babies for New Baby
Fri, 02-08-2013 - 12:40am

Hey Mamas,

I was just wondering if any of you BTDT mamas are starting to prepare older siblings for the arrival of this little bundle of summer joy yet? If so, what are you doing? If you have 2+ kids, and have prepared a sibling before, maybe you could share some advice for those of us who are just haing our 2nd now?. Did you do the classes for siblings at the hospitals? Were they helpful? Any good books for the kids you can reccomend reading to them to help get them used to the idea? What are yor thoughts on the whole gift from baby idea?


Also, just as important, FTMs and BTDTs, are you taking any extra steps to get those fur babies (pets) ready for the big change?


As far as siblings, I have a 4 1/2 year old DD who we haven't QUITE told yet. (I haven't told my mom yet, despite the fact that we're very close, for many reasons) so I did not want DD spilling the beans quite yet. We've begun preparing her for the big news by hinting, saying things such as "would you like a baby brother or sister" and "how would you feel about being a big sister" we've gotten mixed results, sometimes she says she'd love one, and sometimes she says she'd be furious if we had another baby. HAH! We are planning on signing her up for the sibling classes at the hospital we're planning to deliver at, and I'm looking for good book reccomendations about being a big sister. I'e kinda been waiting until we' find out the gender of this baby, so that wecan get a more tailored book for her. i.e A girl becoming a big sister of a little (brother or sister depending on what we're having). I would love any advice or cute ideas for preparing her. I'm a bit anxious about it, as she'll be 5 Sept. 19, and will have to start Kindergarten this year, being probably the youngest kid there, as the cut off here is Sept. 30. I'm a bit worried about having such a big change right before startin school! Although, I'm sure we'll adapt.    As far as presents from the baby, I've thought about it, and I'm thinking that I will have the baby get her something, but not a toy, I don't think. i think I wanna pick out a special keepsake. Maybe if both are girls, getting them each something special like a bracelet or somethign that says sisters, I'm not sure yet. But, I also want to get DD to get something for baby too. That way when she comes to visit her new sibling in the hospital, she'll have something special to give the baby, I think that might help her adjust to the idea of baby being apart of our family and I would like her to help pick this item out.. (plus DD is a bit spoiled (the only grandchild on my mom's side and our first, so yeah) and she could probably use the idea of baby getting stuff, 'cause I suspect she might be a bit shocked when baby is getting presents and she isn't)

Sorry this got so long! Can you tell this is something I've been thinking about alot/stressing over lately????


As for my furbaby, we have a dog, Icarus. He's a Lab-Chow mix, an 80lb indoor dog. I've had him for 7 years now and he is/was my original baby. When I was preggo with DD, we took him to some obedience classes to get him to shape up! (He's a very protective dog, who sometimes thinks he's a lap dog, and occassionally barks way too much and EXTREMEMLY spoiled) The classes didn't quite work out, the certified trainer said he was the most stubborn dog she'd ever seen. However, since DD was born, he has been AMAZING with her and I've NEVER had a moments worry about him being around her. Best dog ever award. lol That being said, I know you should NEVER leave a pet alone with a baby, so baby gates will go up, and I will watch him very closely to see how he reacts. I am also planning of making him more of DD's responsibility, making sure she knows now before baby comes that she needs to play with him every day and give him special attention, so that when baby gets here, he'll still have her playing with him as I know my time will be even less....



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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 12:08pm

We told our DD, who will be 3 the end of May, on Christmas morning.  She said "there's a baby in your belly right now?" and looked confused.  But she's been tickling my belly while saying "tickle, tickle baby brother" and also helped me decorate his room with some wall clings and put the new crib bedding on.  We just transitioned her out of the nursery to her "big girl room" over the holidays and she's already calling the nursery her baby brothers room.  We're talking up how much help she's going to be because she's SO BIG.  She's really excited. So far, so good.  That sibling class might be something we look in to, sounds like a great idea!  Also, a nice bracelet from her brother when he's born would go over huge I think.  

We have one dog, a 7lb Chihuahua.  He is in complete denial *LOL*