Question about age

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Question about age
Tue, 11-20-2012 - 12:11pm

Would you mind if I ask how old all of you are? I just turned 39 in May and I will be 40 when the baby arrives. Do I have any major concerns? This is a surprise pregnancy for usand was not planned in any way, shape or form, so I wasn't taking vitamins or anything. I am NOW though. I completely cut out caffeine, I'm not taking any medications, except for the occational Tums for occational heart burn, I'm not eating lunch meat or seafood, drinking a lot of water (no more Crystal Light or artificial flavorings!). I actually was a smoker and a drinker until I found out on Saturday. Quit cold turkey with NO problem whatsoever, which shocks the heck out of me! Who knew that this is what it would take to quit smoking!

Are any of you around my age?

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 1:35pm

I am 37 and will barely still be by the time this baby arrives.  Most doctors consider women over 35 to be of "advanced maternal age".  Nice huh?!  There will probably be some additional monitoring during pregnancy but really nothing to worry about.  If you aren't already you want to take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid in it.  I also take an extra folic acid (they are super cheap) as it's very important in these early stages of pregnancy.  Good for you for giving up the cigarettes and alcohol right away.  I smoked for 15+ years and I know that can be a tough one!


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Sat, 11-24-2012 - 5:23pm

I am 29 & will be 30 by the time we have our first child. No real concerns as far as being pregnant go. I was taking a daily vitamin but stopped as they were making me feel very sick only to discover that I was pregnant. I started them again the day after we found out but felt even worse when taking them. So I decided to wait the 2 weeks for my first appointment & talk to the doctor to see what he recommends. My husband is a smoker & has always gone to another room to smoke but has started going outside since we found out. The last drink I had was with friends a week before we found out (which is really causing me to stress) at which point one of them asked when he'd get to be an uncle, little did we know!!

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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 6:31pm
I am in the same age boat as you. I turned 39 last April. I have two daughters already and wasn't thinking of having anymore. I figured I was too old for this the last time around, but circumstances change and our minds change, so here we go for number three! Sounds like you are doing things right for your body and your baby. The internet has so many wonderful resources for us ladies now. One thing I want to forewarn your about is if you have any of the genetic testing done... even a 1% chance of genetic anomalies can get your pregnant hormonal brain in quite a tizzy. So try to think it through, talk it through with other folks, should you decide to do any testing. At our "advanced maternal age" the docs usually recommend testing. Meanwhile, best of luck with this emotional roller coaster. When you hold your babe in your arms you will realize it is all worth while. Children are amazing.