Uggghhh. I need a bathing suit!

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Uggghhh. I need a bathing suit!
Mon, 03-25-2013 - 4:07pm

Well, it is official.  I need a new bathing suit.  I tried mine on this weekend and it was just humerous. ;)  Anyone have recommendations for a bathing suit to wear during pregnancy? Do you suggest I bite the bullet and get a maternity suit?

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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 12:02am

I always go with a string bikini that can be loosened up as I get bigger.  


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Wed, 03-27-2013 - 12:58am

What do you need the bathing suit for? *ok, yes I know that seems like the dumbest question EVER, but seriously* Do you swim weekly at a gym? Is it warm enough where you are that pools are opened? How often are you going, is basically what I'm asking. Just have a beach trip coming up, or is this a common thing for you?

I ask, because really, it's what you feel comfortable with. With DD #1 I wore a bikini! haha, but we didn't swim often then, so when we went to the beach a few times over the summer I wore one of my bikini's (at seven and eight months preggers! haha* But I was 20 and the idea of a maternity suit made me cringe back then! Now, we have a pool and so do my inlaws, so swimming is an almost daily thing during the summer, so I'm going to get a maternity suit. Really, I think if its something you do fairly often, you might as well get the maternity suit. They have loads of options and SOME of them are actually cute. I know has a couple of cute ones, and Target, Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity all also have a selection online to choose from. HTH and good luck!!!