Consuming Your Placenta?

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Consuming Your Placenta?
Fri, 03-01-2013 - 7:52am

Former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison isn't exactly the crunchy-hippie type -- but that's not going to stop her from eating her placenta. The mom-to-be, who's due any day now, announced on her blog that she'll be having her placenta -- a.k.a. the organ that nourishes the baby in the womb, or the "afterbirth" -- turned into pills after her daughter is born. "I heard it helps women recover faster and I want to recover as quickly as I can!" she explained.

A few years ago, Holly's fans might have been horrified by her plan. But lately, placenta-eating has gone from a fringe earth-mama trend to a mainstream practice -- as evidenced by the many celeb moms who are jumping aboard.

Anyone planning to give this a try after baby arrives?

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Thu, 03-07-2013 - 11:23am

A big, giant no on this one.  


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Wed, 03-13-2013 - 9:36pm
Absolutely. Positively. NOT! Never in a million years for me.