Cribs- What are your thought about using used/buying brand new?

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Cribs- What are your thought about using used/buying brand new?
Sun, 04-14-2013 - 10:44pm

Hey Mamas!

I know that some of us are BTDT mamas and probably have cribs from our LOs. If you're like me, things have changed since DD was in a crib! With DD we bough her crib brand new, it's a pretty white, sleigh bed kinda style with the dreaded *dun dun dun* drop side rail! *gasp* Since she moved out of her crib and we put it in our attic to store for the "just in case" moment that has now arrived, drop side rails are a big NO NO to alot of people. What are your plans about this. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A DEBATE, THIS IS JUST A FRIENDLY DISCUSSION AND ME BEING CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING.

We have not yet set up a crib in baby's room for two reasons, we just got it painted and carpet down over the past week and because we were trying to decide whether we should just go ahead and buy a new crib to be "safe'. I know there is alot of negativitiy about this and alot of research that shows they are dangerous, but I guess I just feel like I know my crib? I dunno if that makes sense. It was bought new, DD was the only one who ever used it, and the drop side rail NEVER not once had a problem. In fact, if anything it was actually kinda tricky to pput down, because of the safety features. So I'm thinking we are going to go ahead and use the crib we have.


What about you? Any other mamas trying to make this decision?


Once again, not a debate, we all know the warnings...



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This is such a tough decision.  Some friends gave us a drop side crib when they found out we were expecting our DD in 2009.  When the recommendations came out about not using them anymore we were on the fence.  But then she started moving around more and more and would pin herself up against the front rail.  We figured it was better safe than sorry and got a very reasonably priced crib on Amazon that we have been happy with.  We'll be using that crib for this baby.  

I've also heard that many crib manufacturers will sell a conversion kit that you can convert the drop side into a fixed side.  It would be worth a call to see if that's an option.