Pumping moms... how much does your JB take in a bottle??

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Pumping moms... how much does your JB take in a bottle??
Wed, 09-12-2012 - 10:47pm

Jocelyn started daycare this week.  (WAAAHHHHH!!!!)  We were sending 4 bottles with 3-4 ounces.  She's only taking 1-2 ounces at a feed.  She's plenty chunky so I'm not worried about the weight, but I don't want to see my BM go to waste... it's not easy pumping to get that milk!  I know FF babies will eat more, my other 2 took 5-6 ounces in a bottle at the most.  Not sure if we should try another bottle if that's the problem or if she's just not needing that much.  I know my supply has dipped some as well.  She eats fine at home and isn't cluster feeding when we get home.  We just breastfeed at home... hate washing bottles!  LOL  There's only one other baby in the infant room that gets breastmilk, not sure what he's taking per bottle.  We go to the ped for her 4 month check up Oct. 9th, so I will be able to see how much she's gained then. 

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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 10:10pm
Trystan gets 5oz per feeding with 1 scoop of infant rice as well.
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Fri, 09-14-2012 - 1:32pm
Obi is only bottlefed every other day or so, but he doesn't take more than 1 1/2 ounces.

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Fri, 09-14-2012 - 9:34pm
Will was at daycare today from 6:45 - 4:30 and he ate 22 ounces. I fed him right before I dropped him off and he was fed right before I picked him up.

Will didn't nurse today at all so I know he ate 34 ounces total.
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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 7:22pm
Sometimes she takes 3.5 ounces but most times she takes 1.5-2 ounces. I usually send bottles with 3 ounces. Sometimes more if I get more in a pumping session. JB takes 2-3 bottles because we bf at home and I can usually get over to her childcare center at least once if not twice during the day to nurse her. She also eats about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours.