How did he pop the question?

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How did he pop the question?
Sat, 11-05-2011 - 3:29am
Just thought this would be something fun that doesnt revolve around our pregnancies :P so how did your other half pop the question?? Joshua just proposed to me last night so im still pretty excited about it and keep checking my hand to make sure its real lol We've been together five years now and three and a half years ago while i was in labour with my first Josh said we couldnt name her my last name we had to use his because i was going to have his last name soon.. ha! Yeah right! So anyways yesterday (Friday) we had arranged to spend the night at a hotel with dinner at a really fancy restaurant because we had won vouchers (which didnt actually come in time so we will have to go another time what a shame!) we had to take our clothes to work and leave them in the car but Josh insisted that i take them with me so i could change at work.. i fought him on it a lot, i wanted to get dressed at the hotel because 1. i didnt want to walk around my childcare centre in the most expensive dress i'd ever owned and 2. Josh was picking me up in our SUV :P he kept going and said i needed to because "someone else was picking me up" i assumed it was our house mate or my mum.. so i spend the day at work and half way through the day while im taking the preprep class outside i see Joshua hurrying away from the building, i waved thinking he was there on committee business (as he is on the committee for our centre) i have lunch and then after lunch my boss comes running into my room and hands me a red rose with a note that says "A limousine will be picking you up, it will take you to Jupiters, i will be waiting in room 1501" EEEEPPPP! I am crying by this point because a limo is exciting and im pregnant haha so get dressed, get in the limo and there are three red roses on the seat that say "Past" "Present" and "Future" by this point im suspecting it however i get to the hotel and go up to the room, Josh opens the door and says "Close your eyes" i do, he leads me to another room and says "Open your eyes" there he is on one knee with a beautiful ring! "Will you marry me?" i was too excited so quickly said "YES OF COURSE" and yanked the ring out of the box to put it on haha He had "Marry me" balloons and everything <3 eeep im still excited and giddy lol

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 4:01pm

Awwww. Congrats!!!

My husband and I had only been together a few months. We were going out for Valentines days early- dinner train to the winery. YAY. Apparently when DH brought up going I must have had some sort of hesitation in my voice because he said "It's not like I am going to get you up there and propose! lol

The week before he was acting all secretive. He would say "gotta go" on the phone real fast and then call back like 15 mins later and I would say "what happened?" and he would just say nothing. honestly I thought he was seeing someone else and maybe going to break up with me.

During the day before we went he had to work so I took the kids to the sitter and half heartedly shopped for Valentines day for him. Pick him up from work and we go to the train. Get our picture taken.

My DH had been doing atkins for a while at this point and I had actually never (in the whole 2 months) seen him eat bread. We sit down on the train and they bring the bread basket out and he starts eating it like he hasn't eaten anything in months. um ok then. Knew something was up. Still thought we were only there because he couldn't figure out how to break up with me since he had the tickets. LOL

We get to the winery and walk around for a while. At the end it was almost like marching rather than walking. I said lets go in the train and sit because the shoes hurt and I am cold (it was feb 5 in wa state brrrrr). So we sit and talk for a bit. I must have asked him "what's wrong?"10 times. Even told him he was breathing funny so I could tell something was up! lmao.

Eventually he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him and at first I didn't even say yes I was so shocked! I think I said of course. lol

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 4:22pm

AW! Love these stories! Congrats Stephanie!

So my DH and I were seniors in college and had been dating for four years and he asked me to come along on a camping trip his geology club from college was taking to Llano, TX. I liked camping so I said yes. The whole 10 hour drive to TX I was making hints like, "You know, November would be a great time to get married, our families could take the Thanksgiving break so they wouldn't have to take time from work and we could have a gorgeous fall wedding." I was teasing him incessantly and he just smiled and said, "Oh yeah, that's interesting." like he wasn't listening to me.

When we got to the campsite he took me for a nightime walk along the river (or more precisely where the river was in the spring/summer) and we stopped at an outcrop and sat and watched shooting stars for a long time. I still have never seen so many stars!

When we got up to leave he said, "Steph, shine the light over here. I think I see something. You don't see this mineral in Texas very often." I groaned and turned around. All we had been doing was looking at rocks and I was getting pretty bored with it.

When I shined the light in his direction he was down on one knee with my massive rock in his hand! I dropped the flashlight, he almost dropped the ring, and all I could say was, "Are you sure?" To which he said all the mushy gushy stuff they say at that time and I, of course, said yes!

One year later, November 25th we were married and have been for the last 11 years!

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 7:58pm

Cute stories... it's interesting how much they tell about us and partners we chose. Ours is short, happened early one Christmas morning while we were still sleepy:

Hubby (boyfriend at the time): "So... you'll marry me when the time is right, right?"

Me: "Hm-mm... Yeah, of course."

Then we snoozed until his mom woke us up for gift-opening. We try to keep our lives simple. :)

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 8:12pm
Awwww these stories are so sweet! I cant believe we all didnt suspect anything.. who knew men could plan!

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 11:10pm
We're not married yet, but we are engaged and my SO popped the question in a most amusing way.
We were curled up in bed and I don't even remember what we were talking about. He looked at me and said, "You wanna get married or something?" I started laughing and he got all indignant. He then said to me, "What, you don't think I would marry you? Girl, I would marry the s**t out of you!" I was stunned. I sat there with my mouth open until he said, "Well?" I said, "Umm...okay." He nodded and we went to sleep.
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