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Got a wailing newborn? Parents have long used pacifiers to quiet them, despite warnings about nipple confusion from nursing experts.   

Now, a few pediatricians are questioning the commonly held belief that pacis meddle with a newborn’s breast-feeding. And in a complete about-face, the latest research suggests that pacifiers may encourage breast-feeding.

In December 2010, Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children’s Hospital locked up pacifiers in the newborn nursery to improve their breast-feeding record even more. To everyone’s surprise, they saw breast-feeding rates drop as soon as the pacifiers were no longer readily available.

No more nipple confusion: Study says pacifiers may help breast-feeding-


Interesting!  Will you be introducing a pacifier to your baby?

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I was really against pacifiers right up until I had her - I never had one and never sucked my thumb so I thought this kid could be the sAme. But we got a great one as a gift that has a little stuffed sheep attached instead of a handle so she can kind of hold it and she loves it. We don't use it often but it has been a lifesaver when she just needs a bit of soothing and I don't want her using me to soothe herself to sleep. I plan to get rid of it when she starts to self soothe at 4 months or so. Oh reason we started soother was bc she started sucking her fingers - my uncle did this and couldn't be broken of the habit until he was almost 5 and his thumb skin was starting to rot away (so nasty). He still has scars and his thumb is shaped weird from sucking it for so long!

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