Officially introducing myself.

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Officially introducing myself.
Mon, 10-17-2011 - 8:27pm

Hi girls. I'm Barb. I'm 38 and have 2 wonderful boys, 6 and 8. I am quite shocked to find myself pregnant again. I had 3 m/c between my 2 boys and we started TTC a third child 4 years ago. We got pg pretty quickly, but m/c at 9 weeks in Nov. 2007. WE got pg again right away (found out right before Christmas), but it ended up being ectopic and despite trying to treat it I ruptured and lost my right tube. When we were ready to try again we were not successful. We ended up trying clomid, IUI's, injectables, etc, but were never successful. I found out I was pg again in May 2008 but it ended as quickly as it started. Again we were pg in Feb 2010 and again it ended early. I was content with my 2 boys and found peace in my family being complete. I was quite shocked . The only reason I tested was b/c I was feeling queasy and some smells seemed overpowering to me. I was planning on going out to the bar that night, but tested first and it was positive. I was in shock. Even more so when I found out my betas doubled even though my symptoms stopped. I started to spot a little over a week ago and was convinced the pregnancy had ended. I was in for a shock today when I went in for an u./s and there was my baby with a hb of 115bpm. My dates are a little off. LMP puts me at 6w4d, my guess put me at 6w2d and u/s put me at 5w6d. So for now it is a day to day thing for me. Because of the continued spotting I am considered a threatened m/c. My next appt is Nov. 10th and my NT scan is scheduled for Nov 28th when we will talk to the genetic counselor. I am a little freaked out about my age and the age difference in my kids. Life is definitely not how I had planned. I wanted 3-4 kids and they were going to be close in age. I guess I am not in control.

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Mon, 10-17-2011 - 9:22pm
Welcome Barb...sounds like this has definitely been a trying experience for you! FX for a sticky bean this time and a H&H 9 months.
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Tue, 10-18-2011 - 7:19am
Hey Barb,
Congrats! That is so great that you have been able to see your baby! My friend has 3 kids and a 7 year age gap between all of them. They are 1, 8, and 15.


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Tue, 10-18-2011 - 7:50am

Congrats!!!! Hope you have a very long stay here that smooths out. Sending you SBV and wishing you a H&H9.

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Tue, 10-18-2011 - 8:50am

Hi Barb,


Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the June 2012 Expecting Club!

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Tue, 10-18-2011 - 11:43am
Congratulations!!! FX for a great healthy pregnancy for you!! Looking forward to getting to know you over the next 9 months :)