lost the baby

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lost the baby
Wed, 01-18-2012 - 2:26pm
I went to have the anatomy scan today and Dr found no hb. Looks like baby died 3-4 weeks ago. I just don't understand, I've been feeling movement like actual kicks and stuff, I thought so anyways. Could Definitely use some P&PT for my family right now. I wish you all the best of luck with your pregnancies.



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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 3:02pm

Jodi, I am so sincerely sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine how you are feeling right now. Prayers are going up for you and your little angel. I am so sorry.........:smileysad:

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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 3:16pm
OMG!!!! Im so so so so sorry Jodi! I cant imagine what your going through right now. Ill send all my P&PT your way for you and your family. Hopefully we'll see you on here again in the future when your all healed from this devistating news :-( Good luck hun (((((hugs))))
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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 3:57pm

I am so very sorry..


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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 5:45pm

Oh Jodi,

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sending you lots of prayers and postitive thoughts your way...and lots of hugs. My heart goes to you and

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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 5:48pm
So sorry to hear about your loss. P&pt for you and your family. Take care.
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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 7:39pm

I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for your family.


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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 8:45pm
I am so sorry for your lost. Sending P&PT to you and your family.
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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 9:48pm

Awww.Jodi. I hate this for you.

Bigs hugs and many prayers for peace. Something you will never understand and always remember. Big big big hugs.

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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 11:01pm
Jodi, I'm so sorry to read this. I'll be thinking of you and your family and praying for you.
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Thu, 01-19-2012 - 12:23am

So sorry.My prayers are with u and you family!