My trip to the ER :-/

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My trip to the ER :-/
Sun, 12-18-2011 - 11:55pm

So Ive been having some pain and discomfort on my left side for about 3 days now. It goes all the way from lower

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Mon, 12-19-2011 - 9:17am
Glad you were checked over and all checks out including your LO. Praying you will find some comfort soon.
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Mon, 12-19-2011 - 9:56am

That sounds awful! I am sorry you are in so much pain :( I am glad to hear everything looked ok w/ your LO and that they think its all normal growing pains. If you feel that is not right though I would get a 2nd opinion. We should always follow our instincts. Please KUP.

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Mon, 12-19-2011 - 6:42pm
Glad that everything checked out OK - I hope you find some pain relief!


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Mon, 12-19-2011 - 8:33pm
Im glad everything turned out okay! Well apart from you still being in a lot of pain :( hope it goes away soon!

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Sat, 12-24-2011 - 8:50am
Have you tried sitting on a big exercise ball? I've been having a lot of hip pain and it's the only thing that gives me relief almost every time I sit on it. I don't want to take anything to make the pain go away, so I'm glad that it helps because I don't know what I would have done if there was nothing that helped me. I'm opposed to taking drugs, aside from my reflux meds and I don't even take those anymore. I hope that you can find something that helps because that kind of pain sucks!!!
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