Informative Apt. last week

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Informative Apt. last week
Sat, 04-07-2012 - 1:26pm

Well, I had my 27 week apt. last week but just now getting a chance to update everyone. Overall it went well. I've gained a total of 20 lbs. and dr said he would like me to try to only gain 10 more. Seeing as I still have 12 weeks to go - I'm not sure that'll happen. Also, I had my 1 hr. glucose test - came back fine. The drink made me a little sick and dropped my blood pressure - it was only 106/60. Bad news was that my iron levels are low. I'm now on an iron supplement - the nurse asked if I'd been tired --- ummm, YEAH!! But, I also told her I only sleep like 5 hours a night - between going to the bathroom 2 -3 times and then being so uncomfortable, it's really hard to get a restful sleep. Hope the iron does help though.

Got to meet with the OB and asked several questions I'd come up with since starting our Bradley classes.

  1. 1. How far apart should my contractions be when they recommend that I head in since I'm 90 minutes away? He said a regular 5 min. and to also be aware of any hospitals between here and there in case of emergency - but also noted they'd never had any one not make it and some come there as far as 3 hours away. He also said I had being a FTM going for me as that usually means longer labor.
  1. 2. What happens if I poop in the birthing tub? He said the midwives have little nets and fish it out.... lol. Of course if I'm really sick or have diarrhea then I'd have to get out. He said normally women have already emptied there bowels so much that by the time pushing comes it's a non-issue. They also encourage you to go before you get in the tub. I'm just nervous about it happening if DH is in there with me and I have stuff floating around in there - embarrasing!! He said he was fine with it and it was natural - I'm not fine with my poop brushing up against him! lol Sorry if TMI there!
  1. 3. Also mentioned I was worried about going in labor at work as that's another 40 min. away - making the total 2 hrs. 10 min. He asked how long I was planning on continuing to work. I said up until it was time as long as all was OK. He said that he really didn't want me being that far away alone driving in a car just in case something happens and recommends that I talk to my boss about working from home starting around 36 weeks. Well, I'm thrilled to hear this - but nervous about talking to my boss. I wasn't feeling well a couple of weeks ago and called in and they made a huge deal of it saying how it wasn't really a good day to be sick. ??? Yeah, I really don't feel like any day is a good day to be sick - just so irritating - cuz all that does is stress me out. grrrrrr Anyway, I'm going to talk to him next week about this and also about needing to pump when I come back. Bad thing is that there is literally no place that's private and I'm not sure what to do with that.

Well, that's my loooong update. I feel like I've really ballooned in size these last few weeks!


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Sat, 04-07-2012 - 2:54pm
Glad things are going good for you so far :) I was cracking up when I read your question about pooping! lmao. Your body starts to naturally empty its self a day or two before you go ito labor. My body did with both my boys and I never pooped while in labor or pushing with them. And even if you do its not like you can control it. The baby while moving down puts pressure and pushes on your rectum causeing you to poop so dont stress about it to much hun.
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Sat, 04-07-2012 - 3:17pm
Sounds like a good apt...I giggled about the poop :)


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Sat, 04-07-2012 - 4:10pm
Try not to obsess about poop. There will plenty of poop in your life very soon. lol. I have only pooped once in delivery. It was with my fourth child and it was a very quick delivery. The other girls are correct. Labor will clear the bowels. Birthing staff have seen it all. They had it wiped away before I could even ask.


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Sun, 04-08-2012 - 10:07am

Sounds like a great appt with many of your questions answered. All really great, questions and answers. Thanks for sharing. I too wondered about the poop but am not one to care too much - if it happens it happens, I know they've seen it all and probably mich worse is what I tell myself. :smileysurprised: