Ultrasound Parties?!?

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Ultrasound Parties?!?
Wed, 01-02-2013 - 10:16am

The ultrasound tech squirts gel on her belly, the expectant mom looks at the beating heart on the flickering screen, and a dozen friends and family members huddle in for a closer look -- drinks in hand.

Welcome to the new frontier in pregnancy oversharing: the ultrasound party. Good luck selecting the right gift.

Thanks to improved ultrasound technology, parents-to-be can now invite friends and family to share in an intimate viewing of baby in utero.

“It’s our opportunity to see those little fingers and toes again,” said Kimberly Enderle, a 29-year-old Rogers, Ark., mom due in February who decided to host an ultrasound party just for fun.

With the exception of two women in lab coats and a buzzing console next to the chaise lounge, the Enderles' party was like any other family gathering. Drinks, snacks, friendly banter. Once the machine was ready, though, Kimberly asked husband Jonathon to corral the guests around the two monitors and hit the lights.

Suddenly there was a baby on the screen.

Ultrasound parties: New frontier in pregnancy oversharing- http://www.today.com/moms/ultrasound-parties-new-frontier-pregnancy-oversharing-1C7753058

Well this is an interesting trend!  Would you be interested in hosting an ultrasound party? Do you think it is a fun idea, or just way too TMI?

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