What DON'T You Need?

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What DON'T You Need?
Mon, 11-26-2012 - 8:51am

BTDT mamas- what baby items did you buy/receive for your previous children that you just didn't use?  What items sounded like a good idea but just didn't work for you?  Share with our first-time mamas as they start stocking up on baby items!

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Tue, 11-11-2014 - 9:57pm

I recently learned why the Zipadee-Zip is so different from the sleeveless wearable blankets or sacks out there! The star-shaped pointed sleeves and star-fish design is Patent Pending because it inspires sounder sleep than any other wearable blankets on the market. The slight resistance in the wing-span allows a baby to move around freely while still providing the enclosed, cozy sensation babies enjoy so much in the swaddle and the womb.  The ‘Moro’ or startle reflex is what prevents a baby from sleeping soundly and jolts a baby awake suddenly. The reason babies are startled is because they wake up and can’t feel their edges like they were able to in the womb. The Zipadee-Zip provides those ‘edges’ or that womb like environment while still providing them the freedom to roll around and use their arms and hands safely. This is why the Zipadee-Zip will work when all other products parents have tried to transition their babies typically fail.

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Tue, 11-27-2012 - 11:43am

I thought that I would exclusively use the Swaddle Mes and so I only had a few receiving blankets that were given to me.  Problem was, my boys were SO SMALL that the Swaddle Mes were way too big.  I spent the first month buying more and more receiving blankets until I finally felt like I had enough.  Moral is, the Swaddle Mes are great, but if you have a small baby, or a baby that doesn't like to be swaddled, they just don't work!


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