2nd dating u/s

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2nd dating u/s
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 12:03am

Hey All! I'm a bit late in updating, but I had my second u/s on 11/15. We did a second early u/s because I have really long cycles, and I wasn't charting this time so I didn't know exactly when I ovulated. According to my lmp, my due date would be 6/5, but I knew it was going to be later that that. At my first u/s baby was measuring around 7w4d, which was a full 2 weeks behind lmp. Making my edd 6/15-18, I wasn't expecting it to be quite that late. The OB wasn't getting the best views of LO though, so we scheduled another u/s for two weeks later to double check dating and make sure growth was on track. Well, this time the baby measured 10w4d (so 3 weeks of growth in 2 weeks). This sounded a little closer to where I thought I should be. So the new edd is 6/10. I'd honestly be comfortable at a few days later than that, just bc I went overdue with dd, but we'll see how things progress (I'm not used to this uncertainty around the due date because I was temping, charting, and doing opks with dd so I knew exactly when I ovulated, lol). I'm in the process of changing healthcare providers. I really like my OB, but have my heart set on a natural birth and just feel like I'm going to have better luck with that with a midwife. So I'm interviewing one on Dec. 3rd and if all goes well, will be switching over. I'm excited bc the hospital that the mw delivers at has a birthing tub Smile. Not sure I actually want to deliver in the tub, but I def want to use it for pain management at least.

My morning sickness is still soooo bad. Really hoping it ends sooner rather than later!

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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 10:28am

I'm glad that you have a better idea on a due date now.  I hope the interview with your midwife goes well!  My hospital has a tub as well that I wanted to use my first time around, but with twins and how fast I was progressing they didn't let me get out of bed until it was time to go to the OR.  


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