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So at my first sonogram the technician said it looked like we were having another girl (we have 3 beautiful girls already) and we were very happy but I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have a son. My husband looked a little sad but he said as long as baby is healthy we are blessed. We had a 2nd sono planned and for the coming weeks my husband kept saying I still have hope. I would just roll my eyes and laugh and tell him well hunny it's a girl so hope away lol. Well, on the way to the dr. office in the car weeks later on the way to the 2nd sonogram my husband again says I still have faith that this is a boy. I looked at him and just laughed...we had already started picking up clothes and received some gifts as well for a girl baby.  As we walked into the sono room the technician had asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby or if we already knew. I looked at her and said well you can just confirm if you would like that it's a girl. That is what we are having. After a few minutes of scanning, measuring etc. she said Well Michelle you are having a boy! I stopped breathing I think for a moment and I really thought she was joking. I said to her NO WAY! She said look at the screen there is no denying it's a boy! I looked up at the screen and sure enough there was no doubt that my son was right there showing us that he was a boy!!! My husband jumped out of the chair and yelled out yes! and of course I cried with tears of joy....this was the blessing we had been waiting years and years for...I still didn't believe it so I scheduled an elective sonogram for a few weeks later just to be sure at Baby's bunglalow and the lady there has never been incorrect in determining gender. So I walked in anticipating what was to come and she confirmed again it is a boy! I have about 13 sono pictures confirming this but I think I was just so overwhelmed I didn't believe it hahahaha. We couldn't be happier to welcome our son Trent who is due June 2nd. Thankful for God's blessings in our children

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Awww!  What a cute story!  Congratulations on expecting your baby BOY!! How exciting!!

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