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Mon, 10-22-2012 - 10:29pm

Well I had my appointment and I got some good and bad news...

Good news was I got ANOTHER ultrasound!! :-) I saw the bean and it even moved a few times when she was trying to take measurements!!! :-) The HR is 170! And I am 8w4d according to ultrasound (2 days ahead of my due date).

Bad news was my BP is WAY WAY HIGH! :-( I am sooo sad. It was a BEAUTIFUL low BP at my urgent appt last monday. So my OB thinks it is likely a fluke. But she said she will have the nutrition doctor I meet with next wed. check my BP again. (A part of the OB practivce). And if it is still high she will have to put me on meds. :-(

I am under a ton of stress lately. And knowing that it was high stresses me out all in itself. :/ AND my next appt is Halloween afternoon and Haoween is one of THE MOST stressful days of the year. :/ So I hope that doesnt make it go high.

I am really upset by that news. And hoping that it was a fluke. :/

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Tue, 10-23-2012 - 10:33am

Glad to hear that the appt went well outside of the BP.  Yay to another u/s and a healthy, moving baby.  Try to stay calm as you approach the next appt.  What about Halloween is so stressful?