New Pregnancy Workout Trend

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New Pregnancy Workout Trend
Thu, 12-19-2013 - 11:59am

Staying fit while pregnanthas kinda become a no-brainer.

And while past trends have included popular exercises (prenatal yoga), bizarre ones (hoopnotica hoop dancing, anyone?) and controversialmoves (we’re looking at you,pregnant body builder, Lea-Ann Ellison) - we’ve got our eye on one pregnancy fitness pursuit that’s athletic, artful and totally fierce:


Mary Helen Bowers createdBallet Beautiful, a fitness program that uses ballet moves to sculpt and tone the body. A dancer with the New York City Ballet for a decade, Bowers has helped whip Victoria’s Secret models, actresses (including Natalie Portman for her "Black Swan" role) and all sorts of women into shape through plies, arm pulses and leg lifts.

She also tells Elle she is currently practicing a modified prenatal version of her popular routine.

The New Pregnancy Workout for 2014 is More Graceful Than Bizarre

Would you give ballet a try during your pregnancy?   If not, how else are you planning to stay in shape while you are pregnant?

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